60 Yrs Old, Overweight and Miserable

by Barbara Arbster on March 11, 2015

 60 Yrs Old, Overweight and Miserable

That’s right …. I was so guilty and what made it worse was I have promoted healthy wellness for years!  I had been avoiding the situation for the past few years, watching the scale slowly climb and letting a busy life be my excuse. I kept procrastinating too … telling myself that next week and the next week and the next week that I would make some healthy eating changes as well as start walking and exercising again.

I can remember ..years ago … coming home from working all day non-stop … no breaks … working for a cardiologist .. taking care of dinner for the kids and then power walking around one of my dad’s fields. I could do one mile in 12 minutes but I counted it as more because it was on a hill. That was in my 30’s and 40’s. I was always on the go …. busy, busy, busy.

It seems that once I started working from home and taking care of my grand kids that I started putting the exercise aside as well as the healthy eating. My weight started slowly going up and my energy levels dropped. Then my family experienced a terrible loss in 2012 and it seemed that the only time I could find was for my family and even that time was a blur. My younger brother was killed in a horrific work related accident. I really can’t even describe the emotional daily turmoil but you find ways to cope and try to keep going.

Now, fast forward to this past Christmas. My sister posted a picture of me on Facebook and as I wasn’t totally shocked, I just stared at it and thought “OMG what have I let happen to myself”. I knew I needed to do something about my weight. I had good excuses like “I’ll never be able to lose the weight I want to because of my age … it will be too hard” I told myself I could not exercise like I used too. I said it would be too expensive to buy healthy food. I knew I was so terribly out of shape because walking up our stairs or carrying in groceries put me out of breath. Playing with my gran-daughter was not easy.

That’s me Christmas Eve on the far left.  Christmas 2014

A few days later some pajamas I had order came and when I took them out of the package and held up the bottoms I told my husband “these are huge !!! I going to have to send them back”. I tried them on and they barely fit. Talk about a reality check.

So as always the month of January everyone is promoting weight loss. I was watching an episode of Dr. Oz and he was presenting his weight loss plan. I had used a similar diet many years ago and it worked very well. I liked what I heard, it all resonated with me so I printed the plan up and started on it right away.  Click Here Dr. Oz’s Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan.  Basically you eliminate processed foods, sugar and most carbohydrates.

I started on January 19, 2015 and lost 10 pounds the first two weeks. I have slowed down to 1-2 lbs a week and as of yesterday I have lost a total of 20 lbs. Yeah Me !! I have not exercised regularly but I try to do something everyday when I don’t walk on the treadmill. I’ll run up and down the stairs, dance to a song or two and some yoga stretches. I find it’s good to mix it up so I don’t get bored. I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can get out and walk more.

I encourage anyone who is overweight to take a look at his weight loss plan or any weight loss plan and just get started. No more excuses. You will feel so much better. My plan is to stay healthy for myself and my family.  I have done very well with the healthy food recipes and the light exercise … no diet pills needed here.  Personally I think diet pills can be dangerous and I could never take them, they would make me sick, give me heart palpitations and increase my blood pressure.  Good food doesn’t do that  🙂

Stay tuned as I will write more on this in the future as well as an updated pic.

Healthy Blessings,

Barbara Arbster

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PS   The plan lists 3 different smoothies to start your day with. My absolute favorite is the Chocolate Covered Almond Smoothie. Who knew you could start your day with something so good.

I am not affiliated with Dr. Oz in any way.  His weight loss suggestions have worked for me.  As always, check with your physician before starting any weight loss program or supplements.

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Barbara Arbster’s First Global One Up Recorded Presentation

by Barbara Arbster on November 13, 2013

Barbara Arbster’s First Global One Up Recorded Presentation

Ta Daaaa !  Ok I’m being silly.  Here is my first attempt to recording my Global One
Up Webinar Presentation.  I did have some minor challenges and need to perfect
on the professionalism but had put it off long enough  …… so I  jumped in and did it
and will improve it in time.  I had fun and can’t wait to do again.

It is just a little under 15 minutes.  Please watch to learn more and I would love to
hear your comments below.  Please be patient while it loads.

We have combined Opportunity and Product calls thru out the week.

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Calls are hosted by Owner Chuck Dhuey and he welcomes your questions.

Come and check out what we are all about and you’ll see why I love this company
and why I’ve been with them for over 6 years.

I hope you found this presentation helpful.  I look forward to your questions and

Barbara Arbster Work Online Whole Wellness Club Global One Up Contact List Builder Peace & Prosperity

Barbara Arbster

Global One Up Opportunity

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PS..  I will do a presentation about Whole Wellness Club real soon. The payout
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