No Excuses 30 Sec Workouts for you to Get Active

by Barbara Arbster on September 26, 2013

If I can reach just one person a day with this message and they take the advice, I will be so happy !

DO NOT LET yourself become so inactive … sitting at your computer constantly. I used to be a very active person but became so involved with working online that I didn’t make the time for some sort of consistent exercise activity everyday.

My weakness is this darn computer due to my online business. For some it is the television or both.

I am now paying for it with stiff joints, muscles .. aches, pain and I’ve gained weight.  I am working on getting back in shape with good results but it has not been easy as it would be if I had not let myself get so out of shape.

I have been doing lots of stretches, walking and taking my supplements more consistenlty and noticing an improvement and better overall feeling of wellness but it is a real journey. Eating healthy and taking natural wellness supplements is only part of the recipe for a healthy body. The body needs daily exercise to work your muscles, joints and your blood circulation, your metabolism, feel good endorphins, etc.

Today I saw this on Facebook and loved it. This video showed some No Excuses 30 second workouts that were fantastic. It got my circulation pumping and really got me revved up for my day. I came across this post from Dr. Mehmet Oz’s FB page ……
How many of you don’t have time to work out? Well, I’m telling you that you’re wrong. These exercises only take 30 seconds. Don’t believe me? My trainer, Donovan Green, will prove it to you” :

Trainer Donovan Green Dr. Oz jpeg

You will love these mini workouts and I highly recommend you give them a try and do everyday. If you think you don’t have time to work out then think again !  These five simple 30-second exercises can be done anytime, anywhere to burn calories and rev your body’s fat-burning engines. We really need to stop the excuses.   Who doesn’t have under 3 minutes to do this?  No Excuses  🙂

Let me know if you do and how you feel. I would really appreciate it because I want to know this post is worthwhile and helping others. You can comment below.

Peace & Prosperity,

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